In October of 2013, Joe, our 17 year old son, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor after sustaining a concussion while playing high school soccer. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Joe received a variety of treatments, some of which were just recently developed after years of research. Soon after his diagnosis, Joe requested that we raise money for brain tumor research. After mentioning this to some of our dear friends, who were already offering tons of support, the plans began to unfold.

Within a year of Joe's diagnosis, glioma tumors affected the families of four other physicians who my wife and I work with. This gave us all the more motivation to proceed with our fundraising initiative.

During Joe's treatment, we became very familiar with much of the research going on at many of the major brain tumor treatment centers across the country. Some major strides have recently been made toward discovering better treatments, bringing us closer to finding a cure. Witnessing Joe's treatment, has given us more incentive to contribute to this ongoing research that desperately needs public funding.

The outpouring of support in planning this fundraising organization has been very touching and reminds us of the remarkable caring and compassionate side of humanity. Some of these volunteers are the parents of children that have grown up with Joe as well as others that have been good friends to us. We would like to thank them for their support from the bottoms of our hearts.

Joe and Michelle Blanda